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TED University offers huge scholarships on quality education to Pakistani students

TED University offers huge scholarships on quality education to Pakistani students


Islamabad – The Ankara-based TED University officials offered huge scholarships on quality education in 23 undergraduate and 17 graduate programmes to the Pakistani students enrolling for the Fall-2024 semester. Speaking at the Devcom-Pakistan webinar on Sunday, the TED University international programmes officials said the new enrolments will be offered scholarships from 25 to 100 percent based on their academics and other credentials while the Pakistani students are exempted from any GRE and English language tests.

The TED University official webinar was organized by the Development Communications Network (Devcom-Pakistan) on Sunday. The guest speakers included the Devcom-Pakistan Executive Director Munir Ahmed, TED University Chief of International Programs Office Can Öney, TED University Head of International Programs Office Levent Ocal, TED University Head of International Student Community Haares Munir, a senior student at TED University Areej Fatima, and the founder Tri-star Education Danish Ahmed.

Can Öney said that TED is one of the top universities in Ankara with highly educated professional faculty members that are available to the students in the time of their need. The university houses many facilities to support students’ education, health and recreation free of cost. The undergraduate courses offered in the five faculties are architecture, city and regional planning, industrial design, interior architecture and environmental design, visual communication design, psychology, sociology, mathematics, English language and literature, business administration, economics, political science and international relations, early childhood education, primary education, guidance and psychological counseling, English language education, mathematics education, computer engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, industrial engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering.

He told the audience the graduate programmes include applied data science, architecture and urban studies, civil engineering, computer engineering, developmental focused clinical child and adolescent psychology, economics, economics and finance, mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering, engineering management, English language education, industrial engineering, interactive computing and information systems, management in educational institutions, migration studies, and psychological counseling and guidance.

Mr. Öney said that about 5000 students are studying at the TED university at the moment while the faculty to student Ratio is 24:1 that provides sufficient individual guidance to the students. The students also have the chance to benefit from the joint project, academic study and scientific research with their faculty members. The directorate of research, technology, and innovation provides support to the students. So far, the students have taken part in 84 research projects, 44 nationally funded projects, 23 internationally funded projects, and curated 100 industry projects.

TED University Head of International Student Community Haares Munir said: We feel at home while studying at the TED University. All faculty members are very competent and friendly while the TED International Office is available 24/7 to resolve the internal students’ problems. All the health, sports and recreation facilities are available in the university besides very discounted or free meals. Students at Ted university have ample opportunities to show and groom their leadership skills. The outdoor educational and recreational trips are a very important part of the student life at the university. The Turkish nation in general is very friendly towards the Pakistani students once you are able to communicate with them. Knowing Turkish language or at least the basic level will help you a lot to communicate with the locals and to resolve your day-to-day issues.

Devcom-Pakistan Executive Director Munir Ahmed traced the common cultural values between the both nations, and said the relations between Turkey and Pakistan are deep-rooted in history. In the merging geopolitical landscape, both nations need to interact closely and widely and harness the potential of collaborations in all fields and improve trade and cultural ties. The students exchange programme will enhance the understanding between both the nations.

TED University Head of International Programs Office Levent Ocal paid gratitude to the Pakistani mothers especially who send their children to Turkey for education. He said Turkey always welcomes Pakistanis warmly and has the feel of brotherhood. 

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