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Talibanism and Zarb e Azb

Zayane Bibi
Terrorism has become a handy catch-all word to disguise a multiplicity of deeds and motivations of individuals and groups. This is the time to identify the real enemy. Otherwise the loss will be more disastrous than our expectation. In reality we are losing our friends at home and abroad. Pakistan today is facing a new wave of terrorism only because of joining US led war on terrorism. The terrorism originated in Pakistan due to Soviet –Afghan war of 1979 and lasted for more than one decade. In 1979 it was the US sponsored proxy war against the communist that lasted more than one decade.

It was era of cold, in order to defeat Soviet large number of so called “Jihadi” movement were financially sponsored by the USA and its major allies. These fighters were named as “Mujahdin”, most of these people were Afghani who were trained by the USA in Pakistan. US left these Mujahdin and afterward they blamed for creating havoc in the world and named them terrorists. As soon as Taliban took control over the “Kabul” after the cold war, whole network was shifted to the Afghanistan and USA left the region. Now over the years, again since 2001, Kabul is serving US interests.There is also an involvement of secret agencies of different countries to serve US interests especially with the respect to Pakistan. These secret agencies equipped Taliban with the sophisticated weapons and modern warfare techniques. Perhaps Pakistan is not only target the central Asian republics are also the target. In 1979 when Pakistan was ally to the US, Pakistan helped them and also offered our land and services to train the militant. Hence in war against terrorism Pakistan became the front line ally of the USA. USA military bases are also present in the Pakistan western province. Now Pakistan is the first target of these alliances. Billions of dollars have been spent on the surveillance of Pakistan by US and its other allies.

 Now NATO forces are waging attack on Pakistan’s tribal areas, by claiming that these peoples are sincerely involved in the Afghanistan against USA and NATO forces. Even whenever Pakistan talked about the process of negotiation with the Taliban a DRONE attack by US halt that process and this attempt forced Taliban to reconsider their option of talks as we have recent example of drone attack on Bait ullah Mehsood. Later in 2009-2010, When Pakistan army was busy to coop with insurgencies in the country in the meantime Pakistan was under the attack of his, one of the most so called reliable friend USA by taking matter into its own chaos and started the search operation against the Al-Qaeda in Pakistan. The USA and its allies potential targets in Afghanistan are only those who are pro- Pakistan factions.

Pakistan is not only targeted by the non-Muslim western countries but there is also an Islamic funding involvement for the support of the Sectarian terrorism on the land of Pakistan. This is provided by the countries like Iran and Saudi- Arabia in order to defend their own interests and hence Pakistan became a victim of another proxy war. Sectarian violence is, at the time, main concern of the country which was originated in the time period of the general Zia-ul-Haq due to his controversial policies. Sectarian terrorist caused havoc in the country in 80’s and 90’s. These days Pakistan is also facing this kind of sectarian violence where open targets are the mosques and the Imam bargahs.

It is the right time for the Pakistani democratic government to take the irrevocable decision and even to identify the real threat and enemy, who has strengthened back support from abroad being situated in the country. Because of this people are feeling more unsafe and insecure in their own country. New government seems confused on the matter, and their policies are also unreliable for the public but there should not be situation of no-trust on their government. Is this the “fruit” of our “sincerity” with these nations who apparently remain in dialogues but actually kept focusing in cutting our roots for our such demise? Present political condition and the confused decision of the decision makers are also supporting terrorism in Pakistan.

This political instability is forcing the outsiders especially RAW and CIA to conduct all types of sabotage in the country, by exploiting loopholes to brand their own agenda. These secret agencies are taking full advantage of these conditions. First thing we need right now is to defend our own interest. Financial hub Karachi, security forces, law and enforcement agencies, multinational organizations, development infrastructure, educational institutes, and the organizations in the private sector has been the target of the terrorist. These people are neither the friend nor well-wishers of Pakistan. These are the only people who don’t want to see Pakistan on the world map. This is time to gather under one flag as a “nation”. We should take this matter seriously and think as a nation. We are the only people that can eliminate the terrorism from the country. It will be only possible if we forget our “internal clashes” and just fight as a nation against terrorist.

Sometime our neighbors blamed that Pakistan’s military is involved in training the Jihadi in the militant’s camps in Azad Kashmir. Modern day terrorism is more direct and frightening so to deal with huge sincere efforts are required to ensure nation that declared orders won’t be taken back and let strength prevail.

The views expressed in the article are writer’s own.

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