Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Swedish envoy urges for sustainable living standards in society


ISLAMABAD, Ambassador of Sweden to Pakistan, Henrik Parson on Sunday urged the need to meet the environmental challenges by making changes in various areas, including business strategy, for an environmentally friendly and conducive life.

The world will face environmental challenges by reviewing all plans and policies, including business and industry, for an environmentally friendly and sustainable life, he said.

The Swedish Ambassador, said this while launching a seven-day awareness campaign on the topic of sustainable living standards and better living in accordance with the environmental standards at his residence for creating awareness on ‘Eat , Move and Live sustainability’ jointly organized by Sweden embassy in Islamabad and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) here.

“We have to make good changes in our lives according to the environment and change things that are not compatible with the environment” he said.

The Ambassador said that climate change has its effects on sustainable development life goals and is also affecting different major aspects of the life.

Today, agriculture, quality food, water scarcity and other life-threatening factors are threatened by climate change, which we must address, he said.

“By stopping the use of plastic bags and other eco-adverse items, “we can prevent carbon emissions from the atmosphere,” said Henrik Parsons.

Now “We need to take some practical steps to make changes that will help address environmental issues,” he said.

He said that the present government of Pakistan has taken important steps to address the negative effects of climate change and to maintain quality of life in the country.

‘Billion Tsunami Tree and Green Pakistan’ are the most important projects that will play an important role in fostering a sustainable and environmentally friendly life.

He said that Pakistan and Sweden have a lot of potential for work in the fields of environment and sustainable living.

The social media can be a great tool to raise awareness about these issues among the people at this time, he informed.

Addressing the function on the occasion, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed said that today the environment has emerged as a major issue in the world which has an impact on economic, social and human living standards.

“Now that national security requirements have changed, we need to review our policies,” he said.

He said that in modern world unconventional security challenges such as climate change, food security, health, education and water are major threats to the national security.

He said that Sweden has an excellent culture and music trend and new avenues of cooperation could open up in these fields between the two countries.

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