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Support Shehbaz Sharif after me, urges Nawaz

ISLAMABAD, JUL 29 (DNA) – Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif held a press conference in the capital where he said Capital FZE was owned by his son which is why he didn t take any salary from it being the Chairman Board of Directors.

 Reason of not withdrawing Dubai salary

“Those who visit Dubai know it is difficult to take Iqama and visa. After Saudi Arabia when I went to London, I couldn’t live for more than three months and had to return London before visiting other countries as I couldn’t live for a longer time at one place,” he told after the disqualification from premiership by the top court on moral grounds..

Nawaz Sharif elaborated that Capital FZE was owned by his son and only formed to attain visa during the fourteen months of the exile after 1999 ouster. He said, “You should know that when I wanted to go to London, I didn’t have a passport as it was expired.”

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