Chief Editor: Ansar Mahmood Bhatti

Sindh passes law allowing NADRA to issue succession certificates


KARACHI, JAN 16 (DNA) – The Sindh Assembly has passed a new succession law that will allow NADRA to issue succession certificates directly to legal heirs.

The current system entails legal heirs going to the court for succession certificate, a process that can take years.

Sindh Law Adviser announced the news on Twitter on Saturday and also said the assembly has passed a narcotics law as well. The police will be able investigate cases of modern synthetic and non-synthetic drugs, he said.

The succession certificates will have the same validity as other certificates issued under the Succession Act 1925 by the courts, according, and will apply to the entire country. That means if a resident of Karachi passes away and has property in Islamabad, his legal heirs will be able to claim it with the succession certificate granted by NADRA in Sindh.

The issuance of succession certificates by NADRA was something promised by former chief justice Asif Saeed Khosa in 2019. He told participants of the National Judicial Conference that people would be able to obtain succession certificates from NADRA instead of the court.

“The court will only be involved in case of disputes,” he had said.=DNA


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