Friday, September 22, 2023
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Sh Rashid claims govt borrowing in one year is more than that of PTI’s tenure

RAWALPINDI, JUN 06 (DNA) — Seasoned politician Sheikh Rashid on Tuesday claimed that the current government had borrowed more money in one year than the PTI government did during its four-year tenure.

“But still [they] say that [Finance Minister] Ishaq Dar is experienced,” Sheikh Rashid said in a tweet as he focused on economic issues to criticise the Shehbaz Sharif-led coalition government.

Commenting on the ending series of defections that the PTI is facing, he, in another series of tweets, described the political leaders as “stray birds” and said it was yet to be seen who would be the chosen one.

The Awami Muslim League (AML) head said Pakistan had to repay $25 billion in external debt but the country’s foreign reserves stood at $4 billion only. The Afghan, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi currencies too had become stronger than Pakistan’s, he added.

He said the government would have to hold elections as it could not stop the process. The world, he claimed, was consistently stressing on organising polls but the government knew about the results and thus was afraid of that.

He remarked that the ruling coalition had achieved nothing except making laws to benefit themselves but one would know about the end product of the ongoing politicking only after everything settled down.

Only political stability could provide economic certainty, he said and opined that the PML-N had been caught in its own trap. — DNA

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