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SBP to issue Rs 50 coin in memory of late Edhi 

ISLAMABAD, July 16 (DNA): The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) would issue a commemorative coin of Rs. 50 in memory of late Abdul Sattar Edhi as a small token of appreciation to remember him in the history of Pakistan.Governor SBP Ashraf Mahmood Wathra announced this on Saturday while addressing to a `condolence’ gathering to pay tributes to late Abdul Sattar Edhi who served the needy, the orphans, the widows and the destitute by rising above the considerations of caste, color and creed.


The event was attended by senior management of the bank, son of late Abdul Sattar Edhi Faisal Edhi, representatives of financial sector, philanthropists and notables of the society, said SBP statement.


Paying tributes to late Abdul Sattar Edhi Governor State Bank said social welfare is no ordinary feat nor it is impossible to achieve. He said developing countries generally face lack of welfare facilities and private sector in such countries fills the void.

He complemented late Abdul Sattar Edhi for being among the first ones to come forward for the cause of humanity in the country.

Governor further added, “Though there is no dearth of welfare organizations in this country but late Edhi stands apart with the rest of organizations as he did not seek elaborate gatherings for fund raising, rather he depended upon common people of Pakistan for this purpose”.

He went on to add that this approach is symbolic of the philosophy of `help yourself’ and understanding pain and anguish of each other.

Governor recalled that services rendered by Edhi have been recognized locally as well as internationally. He felt proud of being a member of Jinnah Society when it conferred upon an award to Edhi for his outstanding services.

He urged upon the members of financial services, presidents of commercial banks and other high ranking officials present there to come forward and fully cooperate with Edhi Foundation and other social welfare organizations under Corporate Social Responsibility thus enabling them to continue the work of social welfare.

Liaquat Merchant, President, Jinnah Society while recounting services of Edhi Sahab said he was at the forefront to serve humanity in any eventuality. He added that late Edhi was legend in his life time and perhaps people like him born in 100 years time.

Chairman, Pakistan Banks Association, Aftab Manzoor called late Edhi as the greatest humanitarian and beacon of hope in face of every distress and calamity. He prayed Allah to grant him the highest place in Jannah.

At the end, son of late Abdul Sattar Edhi, Faisal Edhi said though Edhi Sahab has gone but his memories and mission is with us. He said the love extended by people from everywhere to us this time has no example and prayed that this love and prayers remain with them for the successful achievement of the mission of Edhi Sahab.

Faisal Edhi recounted that recently Sikhs, Christians, Hindus as well as Muslims belonging to various sects were present at the residence/office of late Edhi and all of them prayed together for his magfirat and success of his mission and said that after seeing them I am sure that his mission cannot be stopped.

Faisal Edhi requested the public to donate Rs1 each to acquire 100 large ambulances because the existing fleet of ambulances is consisting of old and small ambulances and in case of any catastrophe they would be unable to serve the humanity adequately.

He said he will start this mission of resource generation from Quaid’s mausoleum soon and come to the common men. He also requested the public to start donating their body organ and participate in a scheme being launched by Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT). DNA


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