Friday, September 22, 2023
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Saudi Ambassador stresses need for spreading true message of Islam

ISLAMABAD, SEPT 15 (DNA) – Pakistan values high its relations with Saudi Arabia and both the countries tied in the eternal bonds of religion, history and culture.

These views were expressed by Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, Speaker National Assembly while talking to Mr. Nawaf Saeed Ahmed Al- Malkiy, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who called on him in Parliament House, today.

 The Speaker said that Pakistan wanted stability and peace in the region because it is necessary for prosperity and development of the region.

He said that the menace of extremism and terrorism has adversely affected the region’s progress, and needed collective efforts to overcome it.

“Muslims are victimized all over the world and this is the right time that Muslims countries should thinking positive for each other” the Speaker urged.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said that the current instability, sectarian divisions, and immense human under-development in the Muslim world have retarded genuine development and fruitful integration of the Muslim world.

He reiterated that Pakistan is committed to play a decisive role in conflict transformation and peace building in the Muslim world.

The Saudi Ambassador, Mr. Nawaf Saeed Ahmed Al- Malkiy said that his government wanted Pakistan to prosper and develop. He stressed the need for spreading the true message of Islam for curbing extremism and terrorism.

Mr. Nawaf Saeed Ahmed Al- Malkiy endorsed Ayaz Sadiq’s proposal for collaboration to confront shared challenges and urged the need for deeper engagement between the two friendly countries.

“National interest of Pakistan is obviously national interest of Saudi Arabia” the Ambassador remarked.

He assured the Speaker National Assembly that Saudi Arabia will stand Pakistan’s partner in uplifting regional development. He added that we consider Pakistan as its partner in addressing regional and global challenges.=DNA


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