Friday, March 1, 2024
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Restructuring of FBR is on the agenda of the govt to improve its governance

ISLAMABAD /DNA/ – The restructuring of FBR is on the agenda of the Government, to improve its governance, efficiency and effectiveness. Certain proposals have been prepared in line with international best practices to rationalize and streamline the functions of the FBR, strengthen the FBR policy board, and overall governance, integrity and performance of the revenue agency based on a creative oversight structure that would enhance its accountability to the state and clients.  The creation of specialized administrative structures will be accompanied by better delegation & accountability of administration. An institutional mechanism is being considered to establish a Tax Policy group with the right expertise and analytical capability to facilitate rationalization of tax regime emphasizing fairness and equity in tax regime.

These proposals have been prepared by the government after months of deliberation and consultation with experts, academics, and senior leadership of FBR and its members. However, these proposals do not include any item relating to the downsizing of workforceor any outside interference in the administrative matters of Customs or Inland Revenue service by any other agency and ministry.

Reports carried bydigital media on the restructuring of the Federal Board of Revenue misrepresent the objective and scope of reforms that are much needed to lift the tax/GDP ratio, while ensuring level playing in burden sharing and allowing for tax and investment facilities. 

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