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Rescue 1122 releases Eid-ul-Fitr Emergency Plan

Rescue 1122 releases Eid-ul-Fitr Emergency Plan

By Faisal Munir / DNA

ATTOCK: Rescue 1122 has issued its Eid emergency plan to deal with any emergent situation during Eid holiday. The special meeting led by District Emergency Officer, Ali Hussain held at Rescue 1122 station here in Attock on Monday.

As per reported by our district representative faisal munir that In this connection, leaves of District Rescue staff have also been cancelled, with the directive to remain available round the clock for emergency call. Station coordinator Abdul mutlab briefed the meeting about the Eidul Fitr emergency plan.

A Spokesman of Rescue 1122 said that Rescue staff along with ambulances would remain present at major Eid congregations to cope with any Emergency. He said temporary Rescue posts had also been set up across the district. According to this, rescuers, rescue muhafiz, along with ambulances will perform duties at big Eid congregations across the district to provide relief to masses in case of any emergency like situation. The rescue posts consisting on rescuers have also been set up, which will remain alert to avert from any untoward incident. The special teams were also constituted for “Chaand Raat” to ensure safety of masses by providing quick response.

The District Emergency Officer Ali Hussain said that that Rescue 1122 Attock will be on high alert on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. Leaves of rescue staff had been cancelled and directed them to remain available round the clock for emergency call. Rescue posts will be set up at recreational spots, especially Attock Khurd in the Indus River Where rescue personnel will be present at all times, he added.

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