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Readmission Agreement between Norway and Pakistan signed

ISLAMABAD (DNA) -The Readmission Agreement between Norway and Pakistan was signed on 25 January 2017 in Islamabad. Norway’s ambassador, Mr. Tore Nedrebø, signed on behalf of the Norwegian government, and Secretary of Interior, Mr. Arif Ahmad Khan, on behalf of the government of Pakistan.

The Readmission Agreement will further strengthen the cooperation between Pakistan and Norway in the field of migration, by formalizing and streamlining the process of returning irregular migrants to their home country.

“This agreement is yet another step forward in the already excellent bilateral relations between our countries,” said Ambassador Nedrebø during the brief ceremony, which was held at Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior. While identifying irregular migration as one of the great challenges facing the world today, Ambassador Nedrebø also emphasized the virtues of legal migration. “Migration has been instrumental in creating the strong ties between Pakistan and Norway, and many Norwegians of Pakistani origin have reached high positions in the Norwegian society,” the ambassador remarked.

The Readmission Agreement establishes, on a reciprocal basis, rapid and effective procedures for the identification and safe and orderly return of persons who do not, or no longer, have permission to stay in Norway or Pakistan. Under the agreement, a request to readmit a citizen must be replied to without delay and within a maximum of 45 days. Once a readmission has been accepted, the requested state is obliged to issue travel documents within 14 days.

The agreement needs to be ratified by Pakistan for it to enter into force.

Source Norwegian embassy website

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