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RCCI VITF Chapter Asia-Pacific, Asia Ociana


Rawalpindi, JUN 22 – The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) has organized the Virtual International Trade Forum (chapter Asia-Pacific and Oceania ). Addressing the opening session of the Forum, Chamber President Mohammad Nasir Mirza said that the purpose of the trade forum was to explore trade and export business community in Asia-Pacific countries. Pakistan is the second largest economy in South Asia after India. With a growing middle class, and an affinity for the Asia Pacific and Oceania region, products and brands, there are good opportunities to increase our exports of goods and services in this competitive region.

He said that the Chamber was trying to strengthen these contacts through virtual platforms where contacts with other countries have been affected due to the COVID-19.

Vice President Shahrazi A Malik said that exploring new markets are of great importance with respect to Pakistan Economic Development and with the help of trade and commercial counselors in these countries we can tap new markets.

Zeeshan Khanzada, Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Commerce also joined the session and lauded RCCI efforts for organizing the trade forum and added that the Government is focusing on exploring new markets.

Fahad Raza, Deputy Secretary, from Ministry of Commerce,  Muhammad Ashraf, Consul General, Trade & Investment in Sydney, Australia, Ms. Fouzia Chaudhry, Trade and Investment Minister in Jakarta, Indonesia, Tahir Habib Cheema, Trade and Investment Counselor in Tokyo Japan, Muhammad Farukh Sharif, Trade and Investment Counsellor in Bangkok Thailand,  Shafqat Ali Khan Niazi, Trade & Investment Counsellor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Ali Qayyum Raja, Trade and Investment Attaché in Hanoi, Vietnam,  Imran Razzak, Trade and Investment Counsellor in South Korea attended the forum as guest speakers and shared their views regarding, bilateral trade, investment, challenges and opportunities in Asia Pacific and Oceania Region.

Chairman VITF, Khurshid Berlas in his address informed that this the eighth edition of trade forum series aiming to provide a platform for improved networking and enhancing trade activities.


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