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PTI urges CJP to fix hearing of pleas seeking polls within 90-day

PTI urges CJP to fix hearing of pleas seeking polls within 90-day

Demands nation be informed about huge spending on Kakar’s recreational foreign trip


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Core Committee demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa to fix hearing of the petitions seeking holding of general elections within the constitutionally defined time limit of 90 days forthwith.

PTI Core Committee, in its important meeting, requested the CJP to fix the petitions for hearing in order to ensure implementation of the constitution in its true sense.

It is pertinent to mention here that PTI and the Supreme Court Bar Association have approached the apex court for holding general elections within the constitutionally mandated timeframe of 90 days of dissolution of the national assembly.

The PTI core committee pointed out that conducting elections within the stipulated timeframe was the basic constitutional requirement and it was one of key responsibilities of the top court to ensure implementation of the constitution in its true letter and spirit.

The participants of the meeting made it clear that the practice of belittling the constitution could prove to be disastrous for the very existence and stability of the state, hence the SC should take immediate steps to put a stop on unconstitutional measures.

The meeting condemned the caretaker PM for his world tour on the use of state resources at the time when the country was reeling under serious economic crisis.

The meeting reminded that the sole remit of the caretaker government was to carry out day-to-day affairs and assist the electoral watchdog to conduct free, fair and impartial elections.

PTI core committee lamented that instead of focusing on holding free, fair and on time polls to put the country on path of political stability, the caretaker PM was augmenting the country’s problems with foreign tours and senseless statements.

They underlined that the caretaker PM should not waste the national resources on his world’s tour by overstepping his constitutional mandate.

PTI core committee demanded that the nation should be informed about the massive spending from the national kitty on the caretaker’s recreational foreign trip.

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