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PTI Spokesperson calls transfer of Iddat case to another court travesty of justice

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ISLAMABAD, /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) strongly reacted to the reluctance of judge to pronounce the verdict in Iddat case despite completion of all proceedings of the case, calling the transfer of the case to another court instead of giving the ruling as a travesty of justice, which was unacceptable and intolerable.

PTI Spokesperson said that the Iddat case was the most ridiculous, absurd and utterly disgraceful case in human history through which the entire system and philosophy of justice was being flouted.

He vehemently condemned the court’s decision to delay the verdict in the most ridiculous and fake case against Imran Khan and his wife, despite the prosecution’s repeated attempts to obstruct justice, which was nothing but a mockery of justice and a sheer violation of human rights.

He stated that PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan and his wife were subjected to the worst political revenge and unjust imprisonment by sentencing them in two days in sheer violation of justice.

PTI Spokesperson pointed out that during the speedy court proceedings in the case, the lawyers of Imran Khan and his wife were deprived of even the basic right of cross-examination, adding that the petitioner and the prosecution team crossed all limits of rudeness, absurdity and disregard for law and justice during the court proceedings, as they resorted to every shameful tactic to waste the time of the court to prevent the court from making a fair and just decision.

However, he stated that despite continuous resistance from the prosecution, the trial was completed though at snail pace and eventually the verdict was preserved, which was to be delivered on Wednesday, adding that when the court opened at 9 o’clock to pronounce the verdict, the petitioner asked the court for ten minutes to speak against the rules.

PTI Spokesperson went on to say that the judge allowed the petitioner to speak instead of pronouncing the verdict, resultantly the petitioner took half an hour instead of 10 minutes aimed at preventing the court from pronouncing the decision.

He made it clear that PTI Founding Chairman and his wife’s lawyers, party’s officials and workers exercised great restraints and showed full respect for the court and justice.

PTI Spokesperson lamented that a dishonourable and unscrupulous person succeeded in his nefarious scheme and instead of protecting the dignity of the court and the sanctity of justice, the judge surrendered to the prosecution in a sad manner and sought transfer of the case to another court.

He noted that they staged the entire absurd spectacle to keep Imran Khan and his wife unjustly imprisoned and to deprive them of the basic right to justice, adding that goons of the ruling party tried their level best to incite violence and agitation in the court to delay the case but PTI workers foiled the nefarious plan.

PTI spokesperson stated that the case was a political vendetta against Imran Khan and his wife, and that the prosecution’s goal was to keep them in jail and deny them their basic rights.

PTI Spokesperson asked that the chief justice should answer the nation about his justification to remain on his oath or position after the murder of just in broad daylight in the subordinate courts.

He said that the planners of the May 9 false flag operation were hell-bent to make the courts the graveyards of justice.

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