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PTI decides to devise comprehensive strategy for long march

Imran Khan vows time ripe to launch final movement against corrupt, criminal groups

ISLAMABAD, OCT 1 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) held important consultative huddle to hammer out a comprehensive strategy for a decisive and final long march to rid the country of the thieves, plunging the country into quagmire of problems’.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan presided over the most important consultative meeting of the party central leaders to discuss the modus operandi and preparations for the PTI’s decisive long march against the imported government.

During the meeting, PTI Chairman assigned special task pertaining to preparations of the long march to the party’s the officials.

They discussed important issues including the overall political situation in the country, NROs received by criminals and latest audio leaks threadbare.

Moreover, the participants held detailed consultation on the comprehensive strategy regarding the preparations for the Islamabad Long March.

They also discussed that the possible used of aggression and violence by the imported government and the strategy as how to deal with any such brutality and tyranny, as the imposed government did in May 25 long march.

It was decided that after announcing the date of long march, simultaneously several strategies would be given fishing touch.

Before the announcement of the final date, Chairman PTI would fully prepare the party organizations of Islamabad and surrounding districts.

 Imran Khan would address major workers convention in Peshawar region and Faisalabad divisions.

Speaking on the occasion, Imran Khan stated that the tradition of two types of laws one for power elites and another for the people pushed the country into the quagmire of destruction.

PTI Chairman said that rule of law was the only way forward.

He stated that NROs were like a deadly poison for the rule of law and the real reason of imposing of these cable of crooks on the nation.

Imran Khan vowed that its high time to launch decisive movement against corrupt and criminal groups imposed on the people of the country.

PTI Chairman urged that it was inevitable that the public should fully support and participate in the long march to break the shackles of slavery and subjugation once and for all.

Imran Khan urged that the people should fully prepare and come out in massive number against the back-breaking inflation, economic meltdown and to break the hold of thieves.

PTI Chairman made it clear that he would not give any more time to the oppressors, as he would soon formally announce the date of the historic long march to make the country independent in real sense.=DNA


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