Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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PTI core committee condemns inhuman, vindictive actions against PTI Chairman


Says AD&SJ Shafqatullah Khan confirmed Khan being detained in horrible conditions
Announces PTI to move SC for resolution of constitutional crisis arising out of President’s tweet

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Core Committee strongly condemned the jail authorities’ inhuman and vindictive actions against PTI Chairman and Imran Khan in Attock jail, which was even now testified by Additional District and Sessions Judge (AD&SJ) Shafqatullah Khan, who lamented that former prime minister was detained in horrible conditions, as a CCTV camera was installed in front of his cell, leaving no privacy.
PTI Core Committee in its meeting here on Monday a report submitted by the AD&SJ Shafqatullah Khan highlighting mistreatment of the PTI chairman in the Attock jail.
The participants stated that the PTI core committee had been pointing out these inhuman, immoral and ill-treatment being meted out to Imran Khan in jail for long but now it was also confirmed by the AD&SJ in his report, who certified that the complaints of PTI Chairman were completely true as he was being kept in condition against Pakistan Prison Rules 257 and 771.
However, PTI Core Committee stated that despite these repressive, brutal and coercive measures, the PTI Chairman was in high spirit, who was sticking to his principles like a rock.
On the occasion, they strongly condemned the illegal arrest of PTI Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi by the FIA and the ill-treatment meted out to him in captivity.
During the meeting, they discussed the President Arif Alvi’s tweet and the subsequent situation pertaining to the approval of the draft amendments to the Army Act and the Official Secrets Act threadbare.
They categorically rejected the Ministry of Law’s notification regarding formation of a special court to hear cases under the Official Secrets Act.
The participants of the meeting said that the appearance of Qureshi before the special court and holding in-camera hearing after the President’s tweet and his clear position was really concerning, adding that legislation without the assent of the President could not complete.
They said that in the first round of legislation, applying the principle of “deemed to have been approved” to a draft law without the assent of the President was a clear deviation from the Constitution and rules and regulations.
The meeting said that the draft amendments to the Army Act and the Official Secrets Act were sent to the President on August 8 and the after the dissolution of the National Assembly on the recommendation of the Prime Minister on August 9, the Parliament was incomplete for the approval of the two amendment bills.
PTI Core Committee said that as a result of President’s clear refusal, issuance of notification of amendment drafts was a serious mockery of the Constitution and law, which was condemnable and punishable crime.
They said that the sole aim to accelerate coercive measures and reprisal actions under the guise of the unapproved bills was to crush the future of Imran Khan and his party.
PTI Core Committee said that the PTI would approach the Supreme Court for the solution of this serious constitutional and state crisis and to bring those responsible to book.
In the meeting, they also discussed various aspects of the hearing of the appeal against the sentence of PTI Chairman in the Tosha Khana case along with the hearing of his appeal in Islamabad High Court scheduled for today (Tuesday).
They vowed that the PTI legal team would fight his case vigorously, hoping that the series of revenge and discriminatory implementation of the law would come to an end and justice would be provided.
PTI Core Committee stated that the continued worst reprisal actions against the PTI workers and leaders were also discussed in detail. They strongly condemned the sealing of Usman Dar’s house and factory once again in sheer violation of the court orders.
They also strongly denounced the state brutalities against senior parliamentarian Sardar Nasrullah Khan Drishek and his family in South Punjab.
During the meeting, they reiterated the demands of the formation of a highly empowered judicial commission to prove into the cipher in order to bring the truth before the nation.
The participants vowed that they would not accept any unconstitutional attempts to delay the holding of elections beyond mandatory 90 days deadline.
PTI core committee held detailed discussion over the party organizational matters, expressing satisfaction on their performance regarding the effective achievement of the goals, besides paying tributes to the officials.
Moreover, they also considered various options for upholding supremacy of the constitution, rule of law, restoration of democracy, protection of people’s right to vote and active participation of the people in the movement for real freedom.
The participants of the meeting discussed the strategy of dealing with serious political challenges along with the ensuring earliest release of all detained PTI leaders and workers including the party Chairman.
They paid great tributes to the PTI workers and leaders detained in very unfavorable conditions for their determination and perseverance.
The PTI Core Committee praised highly the PTI workers and officials for keeping alive the message of Chairman alive and progressing the party’s narrative and activities under the shadow of the worst state oppression and fascism.

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