Saturday, July 13, 2024
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PTI blasts Kh Asif for provocative statement on cross-border strikes inside Afghanistan

PTI demands EU report on Feb 8 polls to be made public

Mandate thieves won’t be allowed to open door of armed conflict, operation: PTI Spokesperson

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson strongly criticised the mandate thief Defense Minister Khawaja Asif for his irresponsible and provocative statement regarding cross-border strikes in Afghanistan, saying that the group of criminals were hell-bent to push Pakistan towards a conflict with its brotherly neighbouring country.

PTI Spokesperson demanded that the mandate thief and the puppet prime minister should take the nation into confidence forthwith regarding the very serious issue, as the mandate thieves would never be allowed to dent the identity and interests of Pakistan. 

He said that the gang of the rejected national criminals were plunging the country into the fire of lawlessness and instability through their foolish statements and policies.

PTI Spokesperson went on to say that the criminal rulers, who were in love with Narendra Modi, were using the same aggressive language about Afghanistan that India was using against Pakistan, adding that PTI government saved Pakistan from the potentially fatal fallouts of the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan and laid a solid foundation for productive relations with the new Afghan administration.

He stated that during the PTI tenure, there was complete peace within the country and relations with neighbouring countries were improved considerably.

However, PTI Spokesperson lamented that as a result of the regime change conspiracy, those who were imposed on the nation had reversed all the hard work gains PTI government and had inflicted irreparable damage to the national interests for vested political mileages.

He contended that the plotters and planners of the regime change and their puppets destabilised Pakistan  and gave the terrorists an opportunity to flourish, adding that the national criminals, who lacked public support, were taking measures to hurt Pakistan’s defense, internal security and overall national interests.

PTI Steersperson said that opening the door to some kind of armed conflict with the country would be tantamount to the highest level of stupidity and open animosity to the country and the nation, when Pakistan itself was beset with untold problems.

He made it clear that PTI would never allow the country to engage in any military operation with vague goals internally or armed involvement with any of its neighbors including Iran and Afghanistan, adding that mandate thief and puppet prime minister should take note of the stupid statement of his clown minister and inform the nation about the real intentions of his puppet government.

PTI Spokesman stated that PTI was advocating establishing peaceful and respect based mutual relations with neighbouring countries.

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