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Protection of independence is harder than its achievement: Nawaz

ISLAMABAD, 13 AUG (DNA) – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif delivered his message for the Independence Day on Saturday. In his message the prime minister said, “This year, the day of 14th August, besides the traditional pleasure, also carries deep feelings of grief. The pain of Quetta’s martyrs is still fresh,” he said.

Today, we are also remembering those martyrs, who sacrificed their lives to protect this independence. This day is dawning with the determination of Pakistani nation that Pakistan, with the grace of Allah Almighty, will remain forever. The spirit of 1965 is still alive with full vigor, when Pakistani armed forces and the people together confronted the enemy, he said.

This Independence is also memorable due to the fact that nowadays the spirit of independence in Occupied Kashmir is on its peak. The new generation of Kashmiris has raised the flag of freedom with a new vigor. I dedicate this year's 14 th August to the freedom of Kashmir. I dedicate it to those people of Kashmir, who bravely faced the state oppression but kept the spirit of freedom alive, he added.


My Dear Countrymen! The protection of independence is even harder than its achievement. Without the leadership of Quaid-e- Azam, the creation of Pakistan was impossible. If our armed forces, security institutions, police and people did not have shed their blood, its (Pakistan’s) survival and security was impossible.


In the month of August, when we remember the Quaid, leaders and workers of Pakistan movement, our hearts are also enlightened with the memory of those martyrs, who have become immortal by sacrificing their lives for the country, he said.


Today, we are remembering our all those martyrs. They belong to every segment of the state. They are in every political party. They are in every field of life. They are in every sect. They are in every religion. They are all Pakistanis. They are individuals of one nation. We are paying tributes to all these martyrs.


We are presenting salute to their souls. All of them are pronouncing that the nation is united against terrorists, he said. Today we have to solemnly affirm that, till we are alive, we will sacrifice our interests for the stability, security and survival of Pakistan.


We will take forward this tradition of martyrs that after us, the world gives the same evidence in our favour, which we are giving today for our martyrs. May Allah bless you, he said. “Pakistan Paindabad!” the prime minister said enthusiastically. DNA

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