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PODA greets Maryam Nawaz on her groundbreaking role and commitment to women’s rights

PODA greets Maryam Nawaz on her groundbreaking role and commitment to women's rights

ISLAMABAD, FEB 27 (DNA) – Lauding the appointment of Maryam Nawaz Sharif who declared in her first speech that “harassing any woman is Maryam Nawaz’s redline”, Potohar Organization for Development Advocacy (PODA) a women’s rights organization in Pakistan, congratulated the first-ever female Chief Minister of any province in Pakistan.

Since 2004, PODA organization has been striving hard for gender equality, justice, economic empowerment and inclusivity in all spheres in Pakistan focusing on the marginalized segments of the society including farmer women, persons-with-disabilities, youth and minorities.

In a press statement, Chief Executive Officer and the founder of PODA, Ms. Sameena Nazir hailed Maryam Nawaz for putting protection and progress of women on the top of her agenda. Ms. Nazir said that it is indeed a welcoming sign that the newly elected chief minister was aware of the issues confronting women to achieve their economic empowerment as the CM promised to ensure safe and secure environment for women who are out of their homes to perform their work.

Ms. Nazir termed the newly appointed chief minister’s speech a fundamental step in a right direction to attain gender equality which is essential for the development and progress of the country as envisioned by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who stressed on the full and equal participation of women in all spheres of life.

Welcoming the chief minister’s speech who said there should be “no quotas”, Ms. Sameena Nazir hoped that she would be able to maintain the principles of inclusivity and diversity in her work to make better policies which will be favorable for the majority of the population in the province.  

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