Thursday, June 1, 2023
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PM inaugurates CPEC projects in Gwadar

Nawaz at Gwadar

GWADAR: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated several China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects in Gwadar on Thursday.

He is also expected to inaugurate Rs4.7 billion Sibi-Kohlu highway today.

“Gwadar has potential to become a world class seaport. Of course Gwadar is located at a place which is not only important for Pakistan but also for the region,” the prime minister said while addressing a ceremony.

“Gwadar is also one of central points in the CPEC. The CPEC has its impacts not only on Balochistan but the rest of the country. “

He went on to say “Gwadar is Pakistan and Pakistan is Gwadar”.

Other than becoming an international city and sea port, it also has 300MW coal fired power stations, which not only provide electricity to Gwadar but also to other parts of Balochistan, Nawaz Sharif said.

“It used to be one of the most backward region and city of Pakistan but now it is going to be one of the most prosperous city of Pakistan.”

The premier said he is proud of the Pak-China friendship, and that China supported and contributed towards developments in the area. “I am grateful to China who is very very close friend of Pakistan. They are also helping in development of Gwadar and other areas of Pakistan. We are doing joint projects in infrastructure and other sectors. The railway is being upgraded. A lot of industrial zones are being made across the country, including Gwadar.”

Talking about the power sector, he said, “We have the power sector projects which are coming very fast. Some of the projects are going to be completed by the middle of next year. We will have electricity of about 10,000MW by the end of 2017. We hope to eliminate loadshedding by 2018 in the country.”

The prime minster said that Gwadar is now not only being linked to Balochistan but to rest of the country. We also will have links with the central Asian region from this province. He said he could foresee traffic flowing freely between China and Gwadar.

He announced that further developments will be made in the area and added “Rs 50 billion will be placed at the disposal for the people of Gwadar and people will feel very happy about it.”

About 50,000 jobs will be created in the area. First priority will be to facilitate the local residents of Gwadar as it is their first right.

He also paid tribute to the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and administration, operating in Balochistan. He also appreciated the efforts of National Security Adviser retired Lt Gen Naseer Khan Janjua.

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