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Plastics pollution issue needs inclusive action to protect nature

Plastics pollution issue needs inclusive action to protect nature

ISLAMABAD, APR 22 /DNA/ – Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM), U.S. Embassy Islamabad, Andrew Schofer on Monday said plastic pollution in the natural ecosystems of the Capital is a complex issue that demanded a stakeholder inclusive intervention to protect mother from the scourge of plastic pollution. 

Addressing the World Earth Day cleanup activity at the Kinara Park near Rawal Lake, organized by the U.S. Embassy, Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) and Friends of Margalla Hills National Park, the US envoy demanded enhanced mass mobilization and education to take responsibility for protecting natural ecosystems dwindling due to increased anthropogenic activities.

The Earth Day recalls mankind’s efforts to recognize its responsibility towards environmental conservation and preservation. It started back in 1970 after whooping impacts of industrialization initiated to degrade land, air, water and soil on the planet to celebrate the mother earth’s beauty and call for action to address threatening challenges to the environment.

The theme for this year is Planet Vs Plastics as the menace of plastic pollution has casted mind-blowing impacts on human health, ecology and marine life at large as 1-2 million tonnes of global plastic produced rests in the oceans leading to death of an estimated 100,000 or more marine mammals, turtles and one million seabirds every year.

Schofer said, “Your environment is your home and it is necessary to give it back once enjoying all its resources. However, it’s important to ensure and pass on awareness to masses on plastic pollution. The issue of plastics is very complex and needs government, civil society, volunteers, academia and activists response to resolve the crisis,” he said.

DCM, Andrew Schofer thanked the IWMB and the Friends of Margalla Hills National Park for joining the cleanup activity. 

He termed the cleaning activity and important opportunity for the Embassy staff to engage in the cleanup work to stir motivation for beating plastic pollution.

“This is not only the place where we work, it is where we live and it’s our home too. All of us enjoyed hospitality of Pakistani friends and the parks around the capital with unique environmental features,” he said. 

He hoped that since it was the Earth Day and a cleaning activity was held at the park to create awareness on reducing single-use plastics, and littering to control plastic pollution, more people would join the drive and follow suit the endeavour to protect mother nature.

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