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PIDE has proven itself a valuable resource to the nation: Ahsan Iqbal

ISLAMABAD, MAY 24 /DNA/ – The 4th convocation ceremony of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) was held on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at the Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad. Professor Ahsan Iqbal, Federal Minister for Ministry of Planning, Development & Special Initiative, was the chief guest of the ceremony.

According to a press release from the PIDE, the ceremony marked the culmination of the 4th Convocation of the Institute. Professor Ahsan Iqbal, congratulated the graduating course members during the ceremony.

Acknowledging the services of PIDE, Federal Minister underscored the unique status PIDE enjoys in the academic arena of the country and appreciated PIDE’s role in preparing the future leadership to adeptly take on the existing and emerging challenges in the country. 

Professor Ahsan Iqbal, further added added that it was a pleasure to welcome everyone on this memorable day. He said he was optimistic that PIDE had prepared today’s graduates to be the leaders and policy-makers of tomorrow.

Federal Minister said that PIDE is a valuable institution, and I have always had a keen interest in the research produced by this worthy organization. I believe that research is the way to sustainable development. I have personally engaged with academic research in the past to help create a knowledge-based economy. Sound economic policies and development plans must draw upon high-quality research.

Professor Ahsan Iqbal further stated that we live in the age of information. In this day and age, economic and social policy can no longer remain isolated from real-time data and robust research foundations. The new forces of technology, information, globalization, and innovation are shifting development paradigms. This calls for fundamental changes in societies’ social, political, and economic behaviors and structures to create new capabilities and capacities. We need institutions that are proactive and alert, and aware of the changing times. In recent times, PIDE has proven itself a valuable resource to the nation. The institute’s rapid adjustment to the new norms during the pandemic that rendered the entire world nonfunctional was an impressive feat. It is heartening to see our research think tanks respond promptly and unconventionally to unpreceded issues. This demonstrates the amount of potential that is packed not only within PIDE but within our country. 

Earlier, Vice-Chancellor PIDE, Dr. Nadeem ul Haque opened the ceremony by congratulation the graduates. The Vice-Chancellor echoed the sentiments of the minister – the research at PIDE influences the policy in the country.

The vice-chancellor added that the PIDE is a premier research and teaching institution established in 1957. It is a world-class economic development research center attracting the Nobel Planning Commission and the Government of Pakistan.

Dr. Nadeem ul Haque stated that the PIDE is a specialized degree-awarding institution in significant economic and business fields and internationally recognized research. PIDE produces PhDs, MPhils/MS, and Masters in Business Administration, Economics, and related social sciences and help overcome critical shortages of highly trained economists in the public and private sector. PIDE started Ph.D. Program in September 2000, and then MPhil/MS, MBA, and MSc Programs were started gradually. Overall, 551 graduates had received their Ph.D., MPhil/MS, MBA, and MSC Degrees in the first three convocations.

The Vice-Chancellor said that PIDE students are sought after by the reputed international institutions and the top-rated institutions in Pakistan. Currently, PIDE alumni are doing very well in the World Bank, IMF, State Bank of Pakistan, and leading universities in Pakistan. “Being associated with the Ministry of Planning Developments and Special Initiatives, most of the research conducted at PIDE is applied research that accords with the nation’s need,” he mentioned. 

According to the PIDE Press Release, Six students were awarded gold medals and merit certificates in various disciplines in the Third Convocation held on October 28, 2014. Around 1582 students are being bestowed degrees in multiple disciplines in the fourth convocation this year. PIDE has produced about 2133 graduates working at different national and international organizations total of 64 students were awarded Gold Medals for extraordinary academic prowess during their time at PIDE. 

The academic departments of PIDE set up separate stalls at the convention, where research studies and books and the joint efforts of students and teachers were showcased. Parents of the students and other participants visited all the stalls and appreciated the excellent work of the various departments of PIDE.

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