Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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PFD completes process of artificial breeding of Pangasius fish in Pakistan


RAWALPINDI, JUN 1: Punjab Fisheries Department has successfully completed the process of artificial breeding of Pangasius fish in Pakistan in a significant development in the field of fish farming.

Assistant Director Fisheries Miss Sana Urooj said that Assistant Director Fisheries Chaudhry Ashraf  after three years of continuous research with his team at the Fish Hatchery in Kasur District, has successfully completed the Pangasius Fish Farming experiments. 

She said that after successful experiments, the seed of this fish will be easily available in Pakistan. Dr. Sikandar Hayat Director General Fisheries Punjab said that this fish is found in Vietnam but the import of its seed would cost a lot. 

Therefore, after successful breeding experiments in Pakistan, Pengasius fish farming would become very benificial  due to nature and its ability to survive despite  low oxygen content. Dr Sikandar Hayyat said that this fish is common in clean water  It is known all over the world for growing and producing four times more than other species.

He said that farming this fish would be of great benefit to the farmers and would also help in providing protein to the country.

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