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SC hands over Tayyaba to orphanage till parents determined


ISLAMABAD, JAN 11, (DNA) – The Supreme Court decided that the Tayyaba will stay at Pakistan Sweet Homes, an orphanage, till her parents are determined.

Police on Wednesday took tortured child maid Tayyaba to the Supreme Court.

A man named Azam arrived at the Supreme Court claiming to be Tayyaba’s father. He told the CJ that he had three children of which Tayyaba was his eldest.

Druing the proceedings today, the CJ asked Azam when had he sent Tayyaba away for work.

Azam explained in August 2016, his neighbour took Tayyaba away to look for work. She told him that Tayyaba’s work involved only babysitting and playing with children. He recognized his child after news channels flashed her injured and bruised pictures.

Her medical report was submitted to the court.According to her medical report, 22 torture marks were found on Tayyaba’s body, including marks from bruises and burns. A wound measuring one square centimetre was also found next to her right eye. The report also stated that the 10-year-old Tayyaba suffers from mental stress but her mental condition is improving gradually.=DNA


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