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Palestinian ministry warns against undermining Palestinian cause amid Gaza destruction

Palestinian ministry warns against undermining Palestinian cause amid Gaza destruction

RAMALLAH, OCT 21: /DNA/ – The Palestinians’ Foreign Ministry and expatriates warns against any political projects to liquidate the Palestinian cause under the dust of the destruction of the Gaza Strip*

The Palestine Liberation Organization, the protector of the rights of our people and its compass, is the closest road to freedom and independence

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns in the strongest terms the crimes of genocide that the occupation warplanes continue to commit in the Gaza Strip and with internationally prohibited weapons, which lead day after day to deepening the humanitarian catastrophe that has befallen all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip, especially Palestinian civilians, as the number of martyrs continues to rise increasingly among those  Including children, as well as the number of citizens under the rubble and continuous destruction, as well as the expansion of the crime of ethnic cleansing and the displacement of more citizens from their homes under the weight of bombing and destruction, which includes all buildings of all kinds, and the destruction of entire areas and leveling them to the ground in the northern Gaza Strip, as if an earthquake had struck it and caused a new catastrophe in  The lives of Palestinian citizens, to the point where numbers and media are no longer able to count and explain the devastation that occurred in the Gaza Strip.

 The Ministry also strongly condemns the violations and crimes of the occupation forces and armed settler militias in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and considers them to be an attempt to persecute and attack the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem and all areas classified as (C), and to impose more collective punishments on citizens and torture them in an effort to exploit the current circumstances.  To perpetuate the occupation, the process of annexation, expansion, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid, and to try to control the minds of the Palestinians.

 As the Ministry follows up around the clock with all international bodies on all manifestations of genocide in the Gaza Strip and the occupation’s attacks in the West Bank, it once again warns of the dangers of any political projects being prepared to liquidate the Palestinian cause and the rights of our people under the pretext of self-defense that Israel exploits.  The Ministry emphasizes the continuation of Palestinian diplomacy and its activities not only to expose the dimensions of this devastating Israeli earthquake and its repercussions on the lives of Palestinian civilians as a grave violation of international law, but also to mobilize the broadest international front of pressure to condemn the aggression and stop the war immediately, and to emphasize to the international community that addressing the roots of the conflict and resolving it through…  Ending the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine is the key to achieving security and stability for the entire region.

 In this context, the Ministry affirms, in its daily follow-ups with decision-making centers in the world, that the Palestine Liberation Organization is the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, the protector of the rights of the Palestinian people, and the one that determines the compass for the freedom and independence of our people.  The Ministry calls for an immediate halt to the aggression, the immediate provision of international protection for the Palestinian people, and a genuine international effort to be made to revive the peace process and negotiations leading to the embodiment of the Palestinian state on the ground with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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