Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Pakistan to register illegal Afghans

ISLAMABAD, Nov. 12 (DNA): The federal government plans to send issuance of Afghan citizens cards to nearly 700,000 illegal Afghan nationals in the country, sources said.

The government would discuss the matter with relevant stakeholders before reaching a decision.

The Afghan nationals could also get facilities like opening a bank account, medical, and educational facilities.

Earlier, a total of 800,000 Afghan refugees were given Afghan Citizen cards during a huge documentation process.

Pakistan concerns are growing in view of the arrival of new nearly 500,000 Afghans since the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan in August last year.

On Friday, rangers arrested 122 Afghan citizens, who were residing illegally in Karachi.

Sindh Rangers and police in their joint action rounded up 122 illegal immigrants, who were attempting to enter Sindh from Balochistan.

According to Sindh Rangers spokesperson, the personnel of the paramilitary forces and police searched the passenger bus in a routine practice wherein they encountered the 122 suspects who, Rangers and police claimed, were Afghan nationals had illegally penetrated into Pakistan.

The arrested included 89 men, 20 children and 14 women, the Rangers spokesperson said. During the biometric verification, their Pakistani identity could not be proven, after which they were handed over to the Balochistan government for deportation to Afghanistan. DNA

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