Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Pakistan successfully test-fires Shaheen 1-A ballistic missile

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan on Tuesday conducted a successful flight test of the Shaheen 1-A ballistic missile.
The flight test was aimed at re-validating several design and technical parameters of the weapon system. The Shaheen 1-A is capable of delivering different types of warheads up to a range of 900 kilometers.
Today’s launch, with the impact point in the Arabian Sea, was witnessed by senior officers from the Strategic Plans Division, strategic forces, scientists and engineers of strategic organisations. Strategic Plans Division Director General Lt Gen Mazhar Jamil congratulated the scientists and engineers for their dedication, professionalism and commitment towards yet another display of strengthening Pakistan’s defence.
Shaheen 1-A with its sophisticated and advanced guidance system is a highly accurate missile system.
Lt Gen Jamil reiterated that Pakistan’s strategic capabilities are based on ‘Credible Minimum Deterrence’ and desire for peaceful co-existence in the region.
The successful test launch has been warmly appreciated by the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan who congratulated the scientists and engineers on achieving another outstanding milestone.
Last week, Pakistan conducted a successful test launch of the medium-range Shaheen-III surface-to-surface ballistic missile. The missile is capable of carrying nuclear and conventional warheads to a range of 2,750 km.
Earlier this year, a top adviser to its government, retired Lt Gen Khalid Kidwai had said Pakistan needs short-range “tactical” nuclear weapons to deter India, dismissing concerns it could increase the risk of a nuclear war.
Neither side discloses the size of its arsenal. But a report by the Council on Foreign Relations think tank estimated that Pakistan has enough fissile material to produce between 110 and 120 nuclear weapons, and India enough for 90 to 110 weapons.

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