Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Pakistan Services Limited holds a Corporate Briefing

Islamabad : Pakistan Services Limited (PSL) conducted second corporate briefing session at Islamabad Marriott Hotel in compliance with the directives of Pakistan Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

Senior Management of the company including the Vice Chairman-Hashoo Group and Director of the Company, Mr. Mohammad Akhtar Bawany; Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Tahir Mahmood; Company Secretary, Mr. Mansoor Khan and Board Members, Mr. Shakir Abu Bakar, Syed Haseeb Amjad Gardezi, Ms. Ayesha Khan, Mr. M. Ghazali Marghoob, Mr. Rohail Ajmal and Mr. Shahid Hussain were present at the event. The event was also attended by the Chartered Accountants, Corporate Law Professionals, lawyers, and Members of the Company.

Mr. Mansoor opened the programme by presenting a brief profile of PSL and said that PSL was incorporated in December, 1958 and became a part of Hashoo Group in 1985. The company is principally engaged in the hospitality business and owns and operates the five-star chain of Pearl-Continental Hotels across Pakistan. Currently, PSL owns six five-star hotels in all major cities of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Each of these hotels are enjoying a prominent standing in the market. Meanwhile, PSL is expanding its portfolio in key destinations across Pakistan. The company is in the process of constructing two five-Star hotels in Mirpur and Multan.

The Company has introduced its another brand “PC-Legacy” to cater the demands of four-star segment of the business.

Besides the hospitality business, PSL also has interests in the travel and tourism business running the prestigious banner of Destinations of The World (DOTW). This venture is licensed under a master franchise agreement signed with DOTW Dubai. PSL is also engaged in the business of car rental services through its wholly owned subsidiary Pearl Tours & Travels (Pvt) Limited. Moreover, it plans to enter the real estate business through its two wholly owned subsidiaries in this sector. So, this was a brief introduction of the Company.

Later, the Chief Finance Officer Mr. Tahir Mahmood shared financial highlights of the company. The event concluded with a comprehensive question-and-answer session.

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