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Pakistan Day Requires Commitment to Work Together

Dr. Muhammad Akram Zaheer Correspondent Arifwala (Muhammad AkmalShahid) 23rd March is celebrated to pay tribute to the leaders and activists who played a key role in the creation of Pakistan. The day is a national holiday, and schools, colleges, and offices celebrate this day. Regarding Pakistan Day, a conference was organized under the chairmanship of Chaudhary Umar Hayat Headmaster Government Elementary School 71 EBArifwala. Apart from other speakers, Dr. Muhammad Akram Zaheer also addressed. He stated in his address, to achieve the objectives of the creation of Pakistan, there are several areas where efforts need to be focused. Pakistan needs to strengthen its democratic institutions to ensure that the people’s will is reflected in the decision-making process. This requires strengthening the independence of the judiciary, ensuring media freedom, and promoting political pluralism. To achieve the objectives of Pakistan’s creation, it is essential to promote sustainable economic growth. This can be achieved through investment in infrastructure, education, healthcare, and agriculture. The government should also take measures to attract foreign investment and promote trade with other countries. Pakistan needs to ensure that its citizens have access to basic social services such as education, healthcare, and social protection. This requires investing in human capital and promoting inclusive policies that benefit all citizens, regardless of their social status. Pakistan needs to address its security challenges, including terrorism, sectarianism, and regional conflicts. This requires developing a comprehensive strategy that involves both military and non-military measures, such as promoting interfaith dialogue and addressing the root causes of extremism. Pakistan needs to promote regional cooperation to achieve the goal of its creation. This can be achieved by building strong relationships with its neighbors and participating in regional forums to promote peace, stability, and economic integration. Consequently, Pakistan requires a concerted effort from the government, civil society, and the people of Pakistan to work together towards building a stable, prosperous, and inclusive society.

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