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Pakistan Ambassador to Afghanistan meets Afghan Deputy Chief of Staff


ISLAMABAD (DNA) -The Ambassador of Pakistan Syed Abrar Hussain was invited through Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a meeting with General Murad Ali Murad, Deputy Chief of Staff at Ministry of Defence on 27 February 2017. Defence Attaché Brig. Farooq Zaman also accompanied the Ambassador.

During the meeting, General Murad requested for de-escalation at the border and re-opening of the crossing points between the two countries. Highlighting the sufferings of people due to closure of the border and cross-border shelling from Pakistan, he sought reduction in tensions. He also promised to take action against terrorists on the basis of shared information.

Ambassador Hussain, in his response, briefed on the circumstances behind actions taken by Pakistan. He stated that Afghan nationals were involved in recent attacks in Pakistan and stressed that Afghanistan should take appropriate measures for denying use of its soil by terrorists against Pakistan. He informed that the border was closed to prevent crossing by terrorists. He stressed on the need for efforts by both countries to strengthen border management. The Ambassador, however, promised to transmit the Afghan requests to Islamabad.

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