Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Pakistan Stock Exchange closes below 50,000 points


KARACHI, JAN 27, (DNA) – The Pakistan Stock Exchange failed to resist profit taking with the benchmark KSE-100 index closing below 50,000 points.

The benchmark index started the session on a high note where it further penetrated into the 50,000 territory, as a result of which the season continued to unfold.

However, KS-100 failed to resist profit taking and the index concluded the day in red to close at 49,963.77pts (-228pts).

Invest and Finance Securities Limited CEO, Muzamil Aslam said that overall volumes remained high at 598 million shares versus 10 days moving average of 459 million shares, where KEL (+4.10%, 165.25mn shares), FABL (-4.77%, 39.03mn shares) and TRG (+3.65%, 29.70mn shares) were the volume leaders for the day. Major index laggard for the day were BAHL (-4.56%, 0.83mn shares), OGDC (-1.67%, 2.48mn shares) and POL (-2.89%, 0.94mn shares).

Top value leaders for the day were ATRL (-3.89%, 4.09mn shares, PkR2030.30mn, US$19.34mn) followed by KEL (+4.10%, 165.25mn shares, PkR1762.58mn, US$16.79mn) and TRG (+3.65%, 29.70mn shares, PkR1690.09mn, US$16.10Mn).=DNA


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