Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Pak-Afghan border opens as normalcy returns border skirmishes

Afghans push India for more arms

KHYBER AGENCY, 18 JUNE (DNA) – The Pak-Afghan border opened for trade and visitors on Saturday after six days of tension. Trucks which had lined the border area as trade had been blocked began inching towards their destination

Traders rejoiced the return of normalcy in the area. The new gate which Pakistan is setting up on its side of the border has been named after Major Jawad Ali, who embraced martyrdom on June 14 when Afghan forces fired at him. In the six-day long border skirmishes two security forces personnel and nine civilians were injured.

The skirmishes had begun when Afghan forces began unprovoked firing at the border to protest the installation of a gate on the Torkham crossing. Officials in Pakistan maintained that the gate was being put up to prevent the flow of visitors from Afghanistan into Pakistan without complete documents.DNA

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