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Over 108 teachers trained to help prevent substance abuse in educational institutes

ISLAMABAD, 24 Oct 2021 : Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) Islamabad in collaboration with Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration has trained over 108 teachers to curb substance abuse in educational institutes.

The teacher’s training was still continuing under supervision of Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training to actively educate the students about prevention, detection, and rehabilitation processes of drug menace, said official source.

The objective was to equip the teachers with necessary skills so that they could carry the message of substance use and enable them to identify early stages of addiction and facilitate the students with ways to deal with such situations.

There were about three million students in universities and affiliated campuses, 40,000 faculty, and equivalent number of non-faculty member of higher education institutions (HEIs).                       

All the students and faculty members must authorise their institute to examine them for drug abuse and take action against any violation of the policy.

It was feasible nor recommended, that every student be tested for drugs because of serious financial, administrative, social, and medical constrains.Only those suspected of drug use, would be tested.

FDE has constituted Monitoring and Inspection committees at each educational institution, headed by the Principal concerned to conduct random testing/checking of suspected of drug use.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) in consultation with Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), has prepared drug and tobacco abuse policy to prevent, detect, and rehabilitate drug addicts in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in collaboration with local administration.

Placards were placed inside premises of the institutes to educate the students of hazardous effects of drugs addiction. 

A committee has been constituted at each HEI and sub- campus to ensure drug free environment in campus, create awareness about use of narcotics among students and ensure testing of an accused from any authorised laboratory the society.

Committees were also directed to carry out regular inspections of institutional premises, on campus canteens / cafeterias and to supervise the arrival and departure of students.

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