Monday, June 24, 2024
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Operation Khyber IV continues successfully near Pak-Afghan border

PESHAWAR, JUL 22 (DNA) – Operation continues with major achievement last night when troops including SSG successfully cleared the highest and craggiest mountain top Brekh Muhammad Kandao near Pak-Afghan border. Many terrorists killed, few fled to Afghanistan. Terrorists hide out dismantled, cache of IEDs, arms and ammunition recovered.
Having cleared the top, the forces have established posts on over 12000 feet high feature riddled with thick forestation. This mountain top was being used as main observation point and its base as transit / storage point. Terrorists gave stiff resistance but couldn’t sustain against determination of Pakistani troops. The mountain top was planned to be cleared little later as per initial plan but with high tempo operation it has been cleared well ahead of planned timings.

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