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Omar condemns arrest of Ali Muhammad, Akram Cheema

ISLAMABAD, JUN 9 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Secretary General Omar Ayub Khan strongly condemned the arrest of PTI MNA Ali Muhammad Khan and PTI Karachi President Akram Cheema along with the police raid on Riaz Fatyanna’s house.

PTI Secretary General said that Ali Muhammad Khan was arrested for the fifth time by this corrupt imported government despite being granted bail by the court.

“This is an abhorrent act by this imported government. I salute Ali Muhammad Khan for his bravery and steadfastness,” he added.

Omar Ayub Khan stated that PTI MNA had always stood with Chairman Imran Khan and PTI. “This time too shall pass but the bravery of our brave men and women colleagues who have stood with Chairman PTI shall always be remembered,” he added.

Meanwhile, PTI Secretary General strongly condemned the arrest of Akram Cheema MNA and President PTI Karachi by this imported government and its stooges in the shape of Sindh government.

“The Sindh government and PPP want to rig the Mayor’s Election and bring a corrupt PPP Mayor instead of the PTI-JI joint mayor candidate Hafiz Naeem. “We demand the immediate release of Akram Cheema,” he demanded.

Omar Ayub Khan also strongly condemned the police raid on Riaz Fatyanna’s house in the strongest words possible. “This illegal police raid on MNA Riaz Fatyanna’s home at 3.00 am was led by DPO Police Toba Tek Singh Iqrar Shah,” he added.

He revealed that there were seven vehicles of police personnel who entered illegally and broke the door of Riaz Fatyana’s bedroom and stole a CCTV recorder and other household items.

“The Police vandalized the house as well. Punjab Police is now simply a bunch of dacoits in uniform. Law and Order has totally broken down in Pakistan,” he added.

About budget, Omar Ayub termed the budget totally bogus and fabricated budget, which was based on fudged figures, as no realism or accuracy in it.

He said: “Public gets nothing but more despair and pain.” Omar Ayub stated that imported government rulers were happy because their wealth was outside but Pakistan suffered. What a shame.”

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