Sunday, June 23, 2024
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OGRA determines estimated revenue requirements of Sui companies

Price Hike Alert: OGRA revises fuel costs for the upcoming fortnight

ISLAMABAD, MAY 22 (DNA) —The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) determines the revenue requirements of Sui companies for F.Y 2024-25. The average prescribed price per MMBTU of gas is recommended as Rs. 1635.90 and the decrease in price per MMBTU is Rs. 179.17 with decrease percentage of 10% for SNGPL.

The financial impact of previous years’ shortfall of Rs. 580,585 million, as calculated by OGRA as against SNGPL’s claim of Rs. 862,612 million per the petition, has been referred to Federal Government for an appropriate policy decision and is, therefore, not made part of instant determination.

The Average prescribed price for SSGC is determined as Rs.1401.25 with decrease in price per MMBTU is Rs.59.23 and the decrease percentage is 4%. The Federal Government has been requested for advice on category-wise sale prices.

 Any revision, as advised by Federal Government, shall be accordingly notified by OGRA. Till such time the existing category-wise natural gas sale prices shall continue to prevail. — DNA

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