Wednesday, November 30, 2022
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Officers of Ministry of I&B, allied entities awarded certificates

Islamabad, OCT 3 /DNA/ – Twenty-five officers of different batches, from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and its allied entities, here today received certificates upon successfully completing weeklong capacity building courses held over the past one month. Officers nominated by PEMRA, PBC, PTV, Audit Bureau of Circulation, APPC and PID attended the training sessions.

The Capacity Building Courses were held in tandem with the 5th Domain Specific Training course for 34th MCMC. Mr. Irfan Ashraf Qazi was awarded the special shield and certificate on completing the month-long Domain Specific Course.

Secretary Information and Broadcasting, MsShaheraShahid gave away certificates to the successful participants.

In her brief remarks on the occasion, the Secretary said that special courses had been designed and conducted by the Information Service Academy (ISA) for capacity building of the officers of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and its allied entities. The courses were part of the Capacity Building Program under the PSDP FY 2022-23. She said officers from all the attached departments and sub-offices of the Ministry will be encouraged to undertake the capacity building courses in greater number in future, to keep themselves abreast of the latest trends in media development, use of IT, and campaign development using different media platforms especially social media.

The Secretary I&B also called upon the trainee officers of the 49th CTP, currently receiving specialized training at the ISA to have focus on digital and social media usage besides developing PR and Communication skills, the most important facets in the sphere of media projection. She also announced that from the 39th STP onwards, the trainee officers will have attachment to different departments of the Ministry of I&B for longer duration compared to the past. This, she said would help them get better understanding of the working of these departments.

Earlier, Director General ISA and Director Training gave an overview of the training courses conducted by the ISA as well as the just concluded Country Study Tour undertaken by the trainee officers.

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