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No future without a commitment to education

No future without a commitment to education

ISLAMABAD, JUN 2 /DNA/ – The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has granted affiliation to the Spirit School.

The Spirit School has become the only school in the Koral area to get this honor. To mark this achievement, the school organized a ceremony.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Muhammad Hanif Mughal, Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Shadbad, said that the Spirit School is serving the masses, and now it will be better positioned to help spread literacy.

He said that the school fosters a welcoming and supportive environment for students to thrive, while the administration provides excellent resources and opportunities for students to excel in their academic and personal growth.

Hanif Mughal said that the faculty and staff at the school are dedicated and passionate about helping students succeed; they encourage creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning.

The school prioritizes student well-being and has a strong sense of community and teamwork, creating a positive atmosphere for both learning and personal development.

He said that the education system in Pakistan continues to face significant challenges, hindering the country’s progress and development.

Despite efforts to improve access to education, there are still significant barriers that prevent millions of children, especially those in rural areas and from marginalized communities, from receiving a quality education.

One of the primary issues is the lack of adequate infrastructure, including a shortage of schools and classrooms, particularly in remote areas, which leads to overcrowded classrooms and a lack of resources, making it difficult for students to learn effectively, he said.

Additionally, there is a shortage of qualified teachers, particularly in science and mathematics, which further impacts the quality of education provided, he added.

Hanif Mughal noted that socio-cultural norms and economic factors also play a role in limiting access to education, especially for girls. Discrimination against girls and women in education leads to lower enrollment and higher dropout rates among female students.

The government recognizes the challenges facing the education system and has taken steps to address them, including initiatives to increase enrollment rates and improve teacher training. However, to ensure that all children in Pakistan have access to a quality education and can fulfill their potential, more efforts and increased investment are required.

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