Saturday, December 2, 2023
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New buses to run to Baku’s suburban villages and settlements

BAKU, OCT 30: New 9-meter-long buses will run along public routes of Baku villages and settlements, the spokesperson for the Baku Transport Agency, Mais Agayev, told.

He noted that 135 buses have already been delivered to Baku: “Several 9-meter-long buses have been tested along streets of Baku settlements. As soon as technical issues are resolved, the buses will operate along the routes.”

Mais Agayev hopes that the 9-meter-long buses will help improve passenger transportation in suburban Baku villages and settlements: “These buses are more maneuverable due to their size and therefore, they are more suitable for the roads of Binagadi, Mashtaga, Ramana, Zabrat and nearby villages and towns. We repeatedly tested 12-meter buses. But due to their size, they have limited opportunities for movement in Baku suburbs and in many rural and urban areas. However, the 9-meter buses are maneuverable.”

Improvement of passenger transportation in suburban villages and settlements of Baku is carried out in accordance with the instruction of President Ilham Aliyev.

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