Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Narendra Modi an International terrorist



ATTOCK (FEB-05): Pakistani journalist fraternity of occupied Press Club Attock on Sunday while calling Narendra Modi an international terrorist have urged upon  the Secretary General, UN Security Council Mr. Antonio Guterres and other human rights forums of the worldto exert their constant pressure on the Indian Government for implementation of UN Resolution 47 adopted on April 21, 1948 granting right of self-determination to Kashmiri freedom fighting journalists of  the occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

On this occasion, the journalistic community led by their chief patron senior journalist Syed Raza Naqvi  have also demanded of the Care Taker Chief Minister Punjab Mr. Mohsin Naqvi being their fellow journalist to get retrieved the occupied building of Attock Press Club  and equipment worth rupees millions from the clutches of the district management Attock enabling them to continue their solidarity with their subjugated Kashmiri brethren till their liberation from the Indian Government.

The speakers were addressing the protest rally held from Fawara Chowk Attock and disbursed before the occupied building of Attock Press Club peacefully. Among others, the rally was also participated byhundreds of people from all walks of life, along with former parliamentarians, religious circles, lawyers, doctors, political workers, Syed Ejaz Hussain Bokhari, PPP;s leader Syed Azmat Bokhari Advocate Supreme Court, candidate for MPA AttockMalik Hameed Akbar,  senior journalists, Qazi Shoaib Khan, Hafiz Shahzad, Faisal Sheikh, Javed Sheikh, Qazi Aqil Shahzad, Farhad Khan and other journalists.

The protesting journalists from Attock said that the Kashmir dispute must be settled according to the wishes of the Kashmiri people and the UN resolutions which granted them the right to self-determination. They said that brutal Indian forces crossed all limits of barbarity and terrorism to dampen the courage of freedom fighters in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. They further said that Kashmiri people were being killed in fake encounters in the occupied territory on daily basis to spread fear among the people. Even the working journalists were imprisoned in fabricated cases to deprive them of their all legal fundamental rights. The journalists said that the Indian government violated the mutual agreements between Pakistan and India and international laws by abrogating the special status of occupied Kashmir. The New Delhi was bent upon changing the demography of the occupied territory to convert Muslims majority into minority by issuing domiciles to non-Kashmiri settlers.

The journalistic community further said that the journalists from  Pakistan have always exposed all the brutal actions of India and will continue to expose Indian atrocities against Kashmiris to the world. If it is not done, this problem can engulf the entire region.This resolution was unanimously approved by the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan. Even after 75 years have passed, the resolutions of the United Nations have not been implemented.

The protesting journalists from Attock said that the Indian government is using the military establishment, intelligence agencies RAW, IB and NIA to subjugate the innocent Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir. The situation in Occupied Kashmir is very serious; Kashmiris are still being subjected to the worst state terrorism by the Indian occupying forces.Attock journalists also  called on the United Nations and human rights organizations to resolve the Kashmir dispute. The resolutions of the Security Council should be implemented and the Kashmiris should be freed from Indian oppression and tyranny, otherwise the fire spreading from the burning Kashmir may engulf the entire region, Attock journalistic community added.


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