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Nanga Parbat Tragedy; Who let the killers out?

Tazeen Akhtar
Who let the dogs out – that is a very famous song. We recalled it when we were thinking about Who killed the foreign mountaineers at Nanga Parbat base camp. Our question is not very different than that . That is ”who let the killers out?”That is the main issue being discussed in diplomatic circles of Islamabad. Everyone has one’s own story. But we have an analysis on the basis of common sense in the well scenario of the situation, some information about the procedure of mountaineering in Pakistan and some details about the area of the incident. The analysis will bring a conclusion that it was not so easy to kill them and something other has happened. Moreover a back view of recent terror attacks in Pakistan may lead us to the answer “ Who let the killers out”.
Common sense;
1- In a country where security is a big concern, is it possible that the foreign tourists are left alone, on their own?
The answer is no, never ever.
2- The area is sensitive for Shiite Sunni clashes. Just a few months ago many Shiites were killed on road in a bus. In that area the foreigners would go without security?
Again the answer is no, never ever.
Result; They had the guarantee for security.
Procedure; How the mountaineers start the adventure
There is a fool proof system. A mountaineer reaches Islamabad through his embassy. He is registered in Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation PTDC. A fee in thousands of dollars is received for one peak adventure. It is meant for his security and travel arrangements besides other matters. Then he is escorted to the nearest town of the peak. Local police registers him again. Then a special security forces official (Not necessarily from Police) escort him onto the base camp. The security official remains there until the mountaineer leaves for the peak. Here the official is relieved off his security duty because the way ahead is safe. But he is always in touch with the security officials through certain devices of communication.
Only a natural calamity, weather or avalanche would jeopardize the security or safety of the mountaineer.
Result; They had no security or the security was sleeping.
What is that area;
The area of diamer like all other districts of Gilgit Baltistan is very less populated. There are few homes at one locality. The area where the tragic incident happened has only a few dozen homes around.
It means that everyone knows each other there. Police and security agencies are well aware of all the locals. The inhabitants recognize each other so closely that if any goat comes from the outside they would know that it is an outsider.
Then how the killers succeeded in reaching the base camp without being noticed and that too with weapons?
Result; The killers were not noticed and stopped. And that could be possible only when the local authorities were in connivance with the conspirators. They closed their eyes and let the killers out.
After the incident;
Where the killers vanished after accomplishing their mission impossible? Our system (at least for the foreigners) is not so week and lethargic that their killers can hide from it twice.
Not only the killers broke into the area, did what they were ordered but they succeeded in going back from the scene and no one could see or stop them again. The point is when the incident happened and if the local authorities could not deliver their duty for the reason whatsoever, the authorities of higher ranks would have been alert and they should have intervened sending the most efficient staff to trace and arrest the killers.
It is said that the foreigners were first tortured badly and then were shot. It means that took some time. The only natural possibility for not observing the all above said things is that it happened during the wee hours and no one could imagine that it may happen but here again the question arises that at least the security official would have been there for some defense or deterrence. It is not clear for the reason, still unknown .
Another Possibility;
May be the killers were aired to the site, dropped there and then lifted back. This is a world of possibilities and we have also seen Abbotabad (U.B.L) attack in the past.
Where the present rein of terror unleashed from?
Who let the killers out? We can have an idea from the fact that where the present terror attacks started from. It is Balochistan. Last week the last abode of our leader and founder of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah, the Ziarat Residency was attacked in the outskirts of Quetta and very next day two attacks on a Girls student’s bus and the hospital. Second target was Peshawer where an Imambargah of Shiite community was hit. And now Nanga Parbat tragedy is before us. It means length of Pakistan. Who plans to pose as if the terrorist are out in Pakistan like dogs in the streets?
Pakistan is importing gas from Iran via Balochistan. Pakistan is extending full cooperation to China for Gawader Port. Taliban don’t have any problem with these two countries. Therefore those who have claimed responsibility are not Taliban.Demand to stop Drone attacks is just an eye wash to make the people see the incident from wrong side. China and Ukraine have nothing to do with drones. The killers served some one other’s interests. Who is not being catered in Balochistan? Who is not being obeyed by like in the past.Who does not want us to go with Iran and China? That is the power that let the killers out.
The writer is editorial advisor to Centerline
[email protected]

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