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Mushahid sees better win-win ties with regional players

ISLAMABAD, 05 AUG (DNA) – Chairman Senate Defence Commitee, Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, has said that Pakistan has better win-win relations with the global regional players, including China, Russia and the United States, as compared to the past, adding that the successful hosting of recently-held Afghan Peace Dialogue proved the confidence of all stake holders on Pakistan.
He was addressing to the participants of Summer School Programme, organized by the Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad (SSII) on Wednesday. Senator Mushahid, who also heads the Pakistan-China Institute, also highlighted the salient features of the bilateral relations in the context of multi-billion mega project, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
He said that 83% Pakistanis, as per different survey reports, have very much positive views about China and the Chinese people. Pakistan is providing unconditional support to the core interests of China since Day One, he said, while elaborating the core interests as China’s unity and territorial integrity, issues like Tibet, Taiwan and Xinjiang, and other relevant diplomatic issues, and opposing any revival of a new Cold War in Asia.
“Despite the huge differences in territorial sizes, social systems, and cultural backgrounds, China is the only foreign country on which Pakistani nation is united to keep enjoying friendliest relation,” he said, while regretting that terrorist attacks against the Chinese nationals, damaged the perception of Pakistan in the minds of ordinary Chinese citizens, saying China is today important factor for national unity in Pakistan.
During the Q&A Session, Senator Mushahid hoped that the US-Iran Nuclear Deal would have positive impacts on Pakistan and regional stability. “Firstly, the fear of any military attack on Iran and nuclear war is gone, ” he said, hoping that serious attempts from Pakistan would be carried on in the near future to complete the Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline for overcoming the energy crises in the country.
Mentioning the security situation of Balochistan, Senator Mushahid also urged the need for a joint mechanism for managing the border between Balochistan of both sides. “Iran-Pakistan cooperation to combat the regional threat of emergence of terrorism would also be of pivotal importance,” he answered another question. DNA

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