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Moscow Train Crash: Dozens injured in collision ‘after man ran across tracks’


MOSCOW, APR 09, (DNA) – At Least 14 people have been hospitalised and dozens more injured after two trains collided outside of Moscow.

Russian investigative committee spokesperson Tatiana Morozova said: “At that moment 445 passengers and a train crew were on board a long-distance train, and the driver, his assistant and two ticket inspectors were on the inter-urban train.”

Ms Morozova confirmed the crew of the long-distance train and both ticket inspectors are among those hospitalised.

Sergey Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, said 14 people are still in hospital being treated for injuries.

He said: “In connection to the railway accident, 14 people have been treated in Moscow hospitals. Doctors are providing necessary assistance.”

Among those in hospital, one victim is in serious condition.

Russian emergencies ministry head Ilya Denisov said the crash had been caused by an emergency brake malfunction.

She said: “To prevent the train from running over a person, the driver pulled the emergency brake, as result of which the normal operation of the brake system was disrupted.”

A special commission will be set up to investigate the circumstances leading up to the collision, according to deputy emergencies ministry head Sergey Zheltov.

Rail services in the area have been suspended and are expected to come back into operation later today.

Russian president Vladimir Putin is aware of the incident and has ordered all steps necessary to remedy the situation, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.=DNA


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