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Monal Group carries out tree plantation drive at F 9 Park


ISLAMABAD:  The Monal Group carries out a tree plantation drive on 14th August to celebrate Independence Day The Monal Group carried out a tree plantation drive at F-9 Park in Islamabad on 14th August to celebrate the 76th Independence Day of Pakistan.

The senior management of The Monal Group as well its employees and families participated in the activity in which more than 250 different trees like Bottle Brush, Jacaranda, Pine and Arjuna were planted. This is part of a larger initiative being undertaken in collaboration with the CDA in which approximately 5,000 trees will be planted in Islamabad and Haripur, KP in the coming months.

The first tree plantation activity in this drive took place at Lake View Park towards the end of July where approximately 250 saplings were planted and further plantation drives are planned in the Margalla Hills near Gokina Village and in Haripur, KP in the second phase of the drive.

The Monal Group has been at the forefront of similar initiatives in the city since the early 2000s and has been providing road-side assistance and cleanliness along the route to Pir Sohawa as well as assisting with manpower and resources for fighting wildfires in the Margalla Hills. The latest initiative was the deployment, maintenance and replenishment of bird nesting and feeding poles in parks in Islamabad, which are now home to a wide variety of local birds.

Speaking at the occasion, the Founder & CEO of The Monal Group, Mr. Luqman Ali Afzal said that climatic changes are severely affecting developing countries and it is incumbent upon civic authorities and responsible organizations to help mitigate these effects in every possible capacity. He further added that trees help urban centers remain cool during hot summer months by providing shade and releasing water vapor in the atmosphere, improve air quality by absorbing pollutants in the air, provide necessary support to the ecosystem by regulating water and soil conservation and provide habitat for wildlife and birds in the cities.

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