Thursday, April 18, 2024
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MoIB halts allotment of plots to journalists

MoIB halts allotment of plots to journalists


ISLAMABAD: In a recent development, on the recommendation of Grievance Redressal Committee, a body formed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to address grievances within the journalism community the MoIB put a temporary halt to the allotment process of plots to journalists. Committee has recommended that the process be suspended until the Grievance Redressal Committee finalizes its recommendations.

Furthermore, the Committee recommended the Ministry that revised lists of allotment for residential plots under the quota in the Federal Government Employees Housing Scheme, Bhara kahu Green Enclave-I and Phase-II (F-14/ 15) will be made available subsequent to the completion of the Grievances Redressal Committee’s deliberations and the submission of its report.

This move underscores the Ministry’s commitment to addressing any concerns or grievances raised by journalists and ensuring a fair and transparent allotment process for residential plots under the designated quota.

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