Friday, June 2, 2023
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Mohra Shera Dam construction: Rules violation, design change issues surface

Without feasibility study & consultant and design has been changed. Shocking revelations in the monitoring report’ PM should take legal action against those responsible by ordering investigation

Mumtaz Ahmed Bhatti 

To meet the shortage of water, small, madam and large dams are being constructed across the country by the federal government. Monitoring of development projects at the federal and provincial levels is ongoing to ensure that the construction of dams is being done according to the standards or not.

Monitoring and evaluation Departments issue reports after monitoring. Through observations said that the construction of the development projects is being done according to the prescribed standards or the rules and regulations are being violated. MOHRA SHERA DAM Near Mohra Shera village at about 20 Km South West of Mandra town Tehsil Gujar Khan District Rawalpindi. Construction is in progress under Punjab Irrigation Department. The construction of the dam started on 17th Jan, 2015 and is expected to be completed on 31st Dec, 2023. Original PC-I Cost was 688.705 Million then it was revised and Revised PC-I Cost is 1128.542 Million. Financial utilization is 71 percent and the consultant of this project is NESPAK. On 19th January 2023, the team of DG M&E Punjab visited for monitoring and the observations given by the monitoring team after the visit were shocking. Those observations are observation no 6. The provision of consultancy was provided. However, the representative of the consultant was not available at the site at the time of visit. 7. Feasibility study of the project was not conducted/provided by the department till the time of the report issuance. 8. It was observed that workers were partially equipped with Personal Protecting Equipment (PPEs) due to that any unforeseen incident impact more dangerously due to non-availability of (PPEs) further no first AID box was available at site. 9. It was observed that the design capacity of the dam is 5820 AFT however as per Google earth the actual capacity of the dam was measured less due to that some adverse actions could be seen which mention are in 9.1 onwards, as shown in Figures. Further. Project profile could be viewed through below mentioned link or attached QR code can also be used for scanning purpose in order to visualize on ground details of dam according to Google earth. After reading the observations, it appears that there was excessive negligence during the construction of the dam. No one knew about this negligence or it was deliberately covered up to receive a share in the corruption.

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