Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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MinNFS&R rejects rumors regarding transmission of LSD from cattle to humans

                ISLAMABAD, Aug 24 (APP):Ministry of National Food Security and Research on Wednesday strongly rejected the rumors on social media regarding transmission of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) from cattle to humans.

                A press release issued by the Ministry said that this disease is caused by a virus which spreads through bites of mosquitoes, tse- tse flies and ticks and the disease has no public health implications because the virus that causes LSD in cattle does not affect humans.

                It further cleared that boiled milk and well cooked meat from the affected cattle are safe for human consumption and has not any health implications.

                In order to control the disease and to prevent its spread from one place to another, Animal Husbandry Commissioner has issued guidelines to the provinces which, include information for the awareness of farmers and professionals.

                The government has allowed import of LSD vaccine for effective control in the country and the LSD vaccine is available free of cost in the market.

                It further said that the government was also negotiating with international agencies including World Bank for launching a comprehensive LSD control program to eradicating the disease from the country.

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