Friday, March 1, 2024
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Ministry Condemns Israeli Policies Targeting Palestinian Civilians

The Ministry believes that the Israeli right and the ruling extreme right follow a clear-cut policy that, through its application, deliberately targets Palestinian civilians throughout the occupied Palestinian territory, and strikes and persecutes all elements of their existence and human survival in their homeland, and does not waste any opportunity to harm the dignity of citizens and confiscate their livelihoods and their ability to fulfill their obligations.

Humanity towards their children and their future, through a long series of unilateral, illegal measures that achieve this racist colonial goal on a daily basis, whether by confiscating the lands of the Palestinian citizen and granting them to a handful of colonizers to protect his hearing and sight, or demolishing his home and economic interests under flimsy pretexts that have nothing to do with international law.

To the obligations of the occupying power, and subject it to a series of unlimited collective punishments that control its ability to move and reach its interests and businesses outside the scope of its residence, as the occupation army is creative in erecting thousands of iron gates, military towers and death barriers that strangle every camp, town and city and cut off the pieces of the occupied West Bank. Turning them into prisons from which exit or entry is not permitted except with the approval of the occupying Israeli. This is in addition to the systematic daily intimidation operations represented by invasions, raids, arrests, and field executions, which are always accompanied by heavy firing of bullets, sound bombs, and gas bombs over the heads of defenseless citizens, and the demolition of infrastructure, including streets, water lines, electricity, and sewerage, as collective punishment of Palestinian citizens.

This is the case in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, the intensity of which escalated significantly with the beginning of the war of extermination against our people in the Gaza Strip, in the intense hostility of the Israeli extreme right to the Palestinians, under the guidance of Smotrich and Ben Gvir.
The Ministry confirms that this futile policy expresses a state of loss of balance that is now controlling decision-making centers in Israel and does not lead anywhere except more escalation, igniting fires, and an endless cycle of violence.

It also affirms that the steadfastness and survival of the Palestinian people in their homeland is a constant foundation in their lives and will not leave it anywhere in the world, which requires the decision-making circles in the occupying state to acknowledge the failure of its oppressive and abusive policies and procedures against citizens, and to take the initiative to recognize their right to self-determination and the embodiment of their state. On the ground as the only gateway to achieving security and stability for both sides of the conflict, the region and the world.

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