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Metropolitan Intl University College executes MoU with Linton School , Hannam University, South Korea

Islamabad- A historic memorandum of understanding is signed between Metropolitan International University College, Pakistan (MIUC), a flagship project of Roots International Schools(RIS) and Linton School of Global Business, Hannam University, South Korea. Mr. Walid Mushtaq, CEO RIS and Dr. Jong-woon Kim, Director Creative Korea Project by Ministry of Education, Govt. of Korea and Professor at Linton School of Global Business signed the MoU at Metropolitan International University College, Wellington Campus on 15th June, 2015.

Dr. Jong-woon Kim as a part of 14 member delegation visiting Pakistan for building strategic relationship withMetropolitan International University College& Government of Pakistan.Through international Memorandum of (MOU) with Linton School of Global Business, Hannam University, RIS intends to foster a network of students, alumni, teaching, research colleagues and leaders with experiences, links, and commitments to share in the development of activities beneficial to both Linton School of Global Business, Hannam University and Roots International Schools. Linton school of business is one of the top ranking business schools in Korea where they have incubated over 100 start-up companies and set a new milestone in opening doors to venture capitalist companies to invest in the ideas generated by business school students. By integrating resources and engaging a critical mass of people of diverse backgrounds from both institutions, together we will be able to make significant in the 21st Century educational arena. To conclude, through sustained mutual efforts, we want to create a one of its kind strategic, significant, and sustainable link between the Linton School of Global Business, Hannam University and Roots International Schools while pioneering a model shift in international education and development.
Pakistan- South Korea relations between two Asian states have been improved and periodically enhanced since the 1980s. Bilateral trade between the two countries is flourishing. Both countries are making efforts to further promote the trade and investment relationship between the two countries and this step by Metropolitan International University College will further strengthen the partnership between the two Asian states. This MoU between MIUC and Hannam University will playa vital role in enhancing the trade relation between Korea and Pakistan.
The university college collaborations abroad require institutional commitment and incorporate faculty, students, and administrators. These collaborations provide innovative, interdisciplinary approaches to education and new methods of teaching, which are rooted in the values of liberal education. The Department of Global Reach, School Links and Strategic Collaborations (DGRSLSC) at RIS is responsible, for developing policies and procedures for the initiation, development and approval of new international partnerships and the agreements governing these formal relationships.Metropolitan International University College gives priority to internationalization and continually strives to professionalize and coordinate the efforts made towards this aim.
Syeda Noor Fatima scored full scholarship of 100% at Hannam University and many other students have scored partial scholarships as well. These students are ambassadors of Pakistan and would not be presenting Roots legacy but also the promote Pakistan’s positive imageMr. Dr. Jong-woon Kim showed immense interest in building further student exchange programs.
Roots International Schools’ CEO Mr. Walid Mushtaq said, “As a globally engaged institution, Roots International Schools (RIS) seeks and maintains cooperation with higher education institutions, government, and non-government entities, throughout the world. RIS believes that international education is built upon meaningful partnerships.”

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