Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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LPG mafia creating artificial gas shortage to overcharge customers

ISLAMABAD, Aug 19 (DNA): The nexus of the liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
mafia has established a monopoly for the supply of gas in order to
charge arbitrary prices by creating an artificial shortage of LPG in the

The government’s terminal Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has also
become a part of such black marketing, while the government plays the
role of a silent spectator.

According to sources, two LPG vessels are present at Port Qasim but are
not allowed to offload gas, while a few days ago, the LPG ship Almaha
left without unloading gas after 1 month and 20 days.

The company had to face a loss of $480 thousand due to the stoppage of
the Almah ship at Port Qasim, sources added.

However, Chairman LPG Distributor’s Association Irfan Khokhar informed
the caretaker Prime Minister about the situation.

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